Full participation within our community is welcomed and encouraged. There are a number of opportunities for social, spiritual, religious and intellectual growth, as a way to advance personal development and meaningful connections. Just to mention a few of our many ways to get involved: attending services, joining committees and groups, read Torah and Haftorah, Social Action initiatives, food pantry coordination, teaching, joining many of our lectures and discussion groups, attending our Sunday morning Brotherhood homemade breakfasts and more!



  • the opportunity to worship with the congregation and fully participate in all of our various services
  • the ability to further the mission of the synagogue by becoming a member or chair of a committee,  and/or an officer, a director or a trustee
  • the opportunities to socialize and learn together throughout the year
  • the opportunity to stay abreast of current temple events and happenings via the TBT Times and Scroll
  • the right to attend all meetings of our members and the right to vote
  • the right to receive High Holiday seats for you and your immediate family
  • the opportunity to enroll your children in the religious school and in grades K-2 you receive a discounted tuition rate
  • the ability to rent temple spaces for reduced member rates
  • the joy of celebrating your children becoming B’nai Mitzvot
  • the privilege of having a TBT clergy member officiate at your family’s marriages and other life cycle events
  • the right to pastoral visits, phone calls and counseling 
  • the opportunity to be a member of Sisterhood and Brotherhood for FREE for the 1st year and a minimal cost after that
  • the right to have your voice heard in surveys
  • the sense of fraternity and belonging
  • the refusal of exclusion
  • the religious education of your children
  • the flexible and modern approach to your faith
  • the opportunity to observance without constraints
  • the equality between men and women