Chai Club

Welcome to our place for Chai Club

The Chai Club was originally established as an arm of the Temple in 1977. With the merger of The Suburban Temple and Temple Judea, we now number over 170 members and are one of the largest groups of our kind in Reform Judaism. Membership in the Club is open to anyone who has been a member of a Temple for 18 (Chai) years or more, or is at least 50 years old, or is married to someone who meets these requirements. Dues are $18 (again Chai) per person per year.

The purpose of the club is to promote Judaism, membership retention and social and welfare activities as an arm of the temple. Although we are not a fundraising arm per se, our membership is very involved in Bingo, the Temple’s largest fundraiser. We are also strong supporters of UJA, and Israeli Bonds. Because of all of our activities and how we interact with each other, we are very proud of our membership retention in the Temple.


Our activities during the year include monthly meetings during which we have a speaker or entertainer, celebrate birthdays, have a 50/50 drawing (we ask each person to donate $1 that month) and have a delicious collation. One of our monthly meetings is a paid up membership dinner, generally in November, with a trivia contest with prizes. The Club is governed by an active board of 24 dedicated members, led this year by Brian & Joan Levy. We publish a column in the TBT Times to keep members informed. We sponsor several cultural and social events during the year. We are also active in adult-education. You will find that on many Friday nights we are a majority of the congregation.  We love to sing and nosh and kibbitz.


We have sponsored several cultural trips and had several other social events during the past few years. Last year we went to see a local production at the Bellmore Playhouse.  We also have active adult-education programs.  Chai Club has an ongoing community project supplying canned food for others. This past year we also participated in the Cantor’s Annual Adventures in Music program, organized a Passover Second Day Seder led by the Cantor for the Temple and the community.  All our trips and programs are open to all members of the Temple and the community. The beautiful collage, which Harvey Drucker, shown at the top, gives you a snapshot of our year’s activities.