Chai Club Board

Chai Club Board with Areas of Responsibility

As of August 1, 2019

NAMES POSITION Board Responsibilities
Brian Levy Co-President Calendar, Tuesday Movie Group, Constitution
Joan Levy Co-President Congregation, 2nd Seder
Pearl Sutz Corres. Sec Correspondence, Sunshine Fund, Theatre Group
Harvey Drucker Financial Sec. Membership & Dues Collection
          Jayne Krompier Trustee Membership & Sisterhood Liaison
Allan Itzkowitz Recording Sec. Minutes, RALLI
Sarita Keyser Treasurer Financial Reports, Ritual
          Edwin Pincus Trustee Assist Treasurer
Janis Beldner Vice President Cultural Trips, Social Action, Ritual
          Elaine Goldstein Trustee Ritual
          Phyllis Biernick Trustee Social Action Food Drive, SH Liaison
Ben Cernese Vice President Programming, A/V Set-Up, BH Liaison
         Sharon Cernese Trustee CoF Liaison, Flyers, Fundraising
         Judy Kule Trustee Fundraising, Flyers
         Art Schlesinger Trustee Board Dinners, Programming
         Esther Phillips Trustee Programming 
         Gloria Glick Trustee Programming
Barbara Gouveia Vice President Collations
         Vicki Deutsch Trustee Collation-General meetings, Board Dinner
         Beverly Frank Trustee Collation-General meetings, Board Dinner
         Shelly Spivack Trustee Book Club, Fundraising, Collation-Board Meeting
         Joyce Ogrodnik Trustee 50-50 & Birthdays, Collation-Board Meeting
Rita Hofer Past President Paper Goods, November Dinner, Constitution
Tessa Kean Past President Nominating, November Dinner, Constitution
Stan Friedman Past President BH Liaison, Choir