Preparing Your D’var Torah

 Think about these things when preparing your D’var Torah:     Dvar Torah Star


  1. 1)Read the entire Torah portion, especially the English of what you are chanting in Hebrew.
  2. 2)What is important in your Torah portion?
  3. 3)How is the message in your Torah portion relevant to your life?


Use this outline for your D’var Torah:


  1. 1)Begin with “Shabbat Shalom.” Thank your rabbi, cantor, tutors, siblings, and parents. If you are sharing your date, please wish a mazel tov to your bimah partner(s) and his/her family.


  1. 2)Briefly summarize your Torah portion. What is the text saying? (2-3 sentences)


  1. 3)What does the Torah portion mean to you? Feel free to quote other sources, rabbis, or commentaries in your discussion. (3-5 sentences)


  1. 4)Give one or two examples of why the message in your Torah portion is important in your life. Use stories from your own life experiences. (6-8 sentences)


  1. 5)What does it mean to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Relate your answer to the message that you are teaching in your D’var Torah. Be sure to include information about your mitzvah project. (3-5 sentences)


  1. 6)To finish your D’var Torah, write a prayer of hope, in English, that relates to the main theme or message of your D’var Torah. Begin with words such as, “May we all…” “I pray that everyone…” or “I hope that we all….”


  1. 7)End with the word, “Amen.”


How to format your D’var Torah:


  1. 1)Double space. 12 point size. Times New Roman font.
  2. 2)Name, phone number, address, and date of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the top of the first page.
  3. 3)D’var Torah should be 1½ pages in length.


Final Steps:


  1. 1)Email Rabbi Bellows your first draft as an email attachment to

  1. 2)Rabbi Bellows will edit your draft and send you back the corrections by mail.
  2. 3)Make the corrections and email Rabbi Bellows the final draft as an email attachment.


Mazel tov! You are one step closer to your big day!



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