Annual Composer in Residence Weekend

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Annual Performer in Residence Week


Gerard Edery

Sunday April 10: “Reflections on growing up Gerard Edery bin Casablanca” as part III of “The Wandering Jew” series, at 1PM in the Kiddush Lounge

Monday April 11: Sephardic and Ladino songs for the 2nd installment of “Adventures in Music” at 11:30AM in the Kiddush Lounge.

Friday April 15: After our Kabbalat Shabbat service, Gerard Edery, along with his bass accompanist, will present a program of international songs, including Ladino, Spanish, Sephardic, Eastern European and Hebrew selections, in our sanctuary immediately following the service.

Born in Casablanca and raised in Paris and New York City, Gerard Edery graduated from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in operatic performance and has sung more than thirty roles with opera companies around the United States. Widely regarded as a master singer and guitarist, Gerard has at his command a remarkable range of ethnic folk styles and traditions from around the world. Not only does he regularly uncover and preserve songs, stories and melodies from Europe, the Middle East, South America and ancient Persia, he energizes these repertoires by interpreting them for contemporary audiences and by collaborating with highly acclaimed virtuoso musicians.

His special brand of world music fusion prizes authenticity and an appreciation for how disparate cultures overlap, parallel each other and often borrow from one another. A leading folklorist, Gerard is one of the world’s foremost experts in the music of the Sephardic Diaspora and a recipient of the Sephardic Musical Heritage Award and a Meet the Composer grant for his original songs.

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