TBT & Covid

Services will continue to remain virtual, but the building has re-opened for office administration and limited Clergy hours.

Office hours at the Temple are as follows:
Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Office will be closed on Fridays for the summer!

We have been advised to reassess every few days and will update our schedule as decisions are made. All upcoming events are either cancelled, postponed, or moved online. Our online Calendar is updated regularly, so please check in often.

The Board of Trustees met and determined that due to the risks associated with large gatherings, Temple B’nai Torah will remain closed for gatherings until further notice. As more decisions are made, and plans for reopening are finalized, we will inform you of them. Though the Governor has allowed for religious gatherings of up to 37 maintaining social distance, we plan to continue to meet remotely for prayer. We believe that at this time, the Jewish values of saving lives, preventing danger, and responsibility to our neighbors demand that we maintain our distance as a religious community. By keeping things remote, we can still all be spiritually together. We are currently upgrading our ability to stream services from our Sanctuary, and until we are able to, we will continue to gather on ZOOM.

Please check your email, our Facebook page, and our Calendar for the links to our live services and programming. Link for the Siddur ebook.

For more on the Jewish value of saving lives, pikuach nefesh (Hebrew Spelling פִּקּוּחַ נֶפֶשׁ)
the concept that saving a life overrides all other biblical commandments, click HERE.