Circle of Friends

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We have been discussing this change to the Couples' Club name for several months, to better reflect the changing demographics of our membership, and to represent how we see ourselves.  The board members have decided that our longstanding logo is an ideal response to these concerns. We will be using the name "Circle of Friends" in the future to identify all club activities and publicity.


Circle of Friends is a social group that complement’s the other arms of the Temple. We provide Temple members with the opportunity to meet a group of highly talented and interesting individuals. Membership will afford a mind-stretching adventure whose end is not yet in sight.   In addition to having a year full of entertaining functions, you will be making friends with active Temple members who will make your integration into the Temple community enjoyable.  So, in the words of Homer, if you are ready to embark upon the boundless sea of adventure, you are welcome to join with us.


The new TBT Circle of Friends Board has planned an exciting and innovative program of events for the upcoming year.  The planned events for this year include a boat ride around Great South Bay in August as well as a visit to a historic site in October. You will find us at River of Dreams (a Billy Joel Tribute Band) fundraiser and at our Annual Membership Dinner. In addition we will repeat our outstanding Military Bridge, Chanukah Party, Bowling Tournament, Games Night, TBT Square Dance, and other enjoyable events.


A special reminder for new TBT members:  As first time Temple members, you automatically get a free year of Circle of Friends Membership. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get to know us and discover for yourselves the great spirit of Circle of Friends.  We would like to share this feeling with all TBT members. If there is anything else you would like to know about our group, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Here’s to good times to come!

Yours sincerely,

Sharon & Ben Cernese

(516) 322-8126 or 322-8130

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