Yom Kippur at TBT

Yom Kippur at TBT

As the day draws to a close, young and old all blow the Shofar.


Rewinding the Torah


Hebrew School in the Sukkah

Welcome to our place...

Temple B'nai Torah's mission is to embody,

enhance and perpetuate Jewish tradition

byTBT WEB PHOTO 8 13 16 providing a welcoming spiritual

home where the community

gathers to worship God, study

Torah, engage in acts of

Tikun Olam (repairing the world),

participate in Jewish rituals

and life cycle events and

experience the joy of being part

of a caring community.


Clergy corner


Please join the clergy of

the Wantagh Clergy Council


members of our community



in front of 

Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church 

1845 Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh 

for a peaceful vigil

against hate, bigotry and prejudice  

If you are able,

please bring a candle to light.  

Let us join together


declare there is no room for hate

in our community.  

See you Saturday.     Shalom.

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 Summer Shabbat Service Schedule

Saturdays July 1 - August 2 

Torah Study, 9:30am (away)

September 1 - 6:30 Shabbat Service

Picnic Shabbat 8 25 17

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A Grove of Trees Grows in Wantagh

leaf grove comp

This is a beautiful way to honor your family and friends -

a new baby, a new Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a wedding,

any special event or person.

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